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Welcome to the HolaDoctor Multilingual Translation Portal!

The HolaDoctor portal specializes in the translation of health-related documents, marketing materials, applications and websites from English into other languages. Our own dedicated team of translators, editors, graphic designers and technology groups works closely together to deliver high-quality, culturally-relevant results.

Features of the HolaDoctor Multilingual Translation Portal include:

  • Online submission – Client can upload files requiring translation as needed
  • Instant status and tracking – Client can track the progress of translated material
  • Sharing capabilities – Client can access documents submitted by other coworkers
  • Reporting – Client can view a monthly summary of all Translation Portal projects

Efficient and Consistent Results

For all projects, we utilize a technology called Translation Memory. Every sentence we translate for a customer will be documented in a database for future use. There are considerable benefits to using the HolaDoctor Multilingual Translation Portal, and the longer this tool is used, the better the benefits get.

Benefits include:

  • Increased quality of translation as the same terminology and descriptions are used throughout translated material across the company
  • Considerable reduction in turnaround times as translators do not have to re-translate every repeated sentence or paragraph
  • Increased productivity

The HolaDoctor Multilingual Translation Portal is particularly powerful when used on manuals, user guides, training material and other technical documents where a customer can see significant savings of up to half the cost of previous translation work.

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